Wooden moulds

Over the past 20 years we have built a solid reputation as a supplier of wooden moulds for the precast concrete industry. Our knowledge and experience is highly appreciated by our clients. Starting from the design phase we provide our clients with advice and together we come to the best solution.

Each mould is a project that 1 or more employees work on, depending on the size of the mould. If desired, we clarify the structure of the mould with a construction sketch. We also supply a fittings list so the customer knows how they can convert the mould.

The concrete surface is in fact the mirror image of the mould. If the concrete remains in view, a smooth surface and a high degree of precision are vital in achieving the desired result. We have been supplying moulds that meet the CUR100 standard for years, when requested by the customer. We also process different types of anti-slip or structure in our moulds on request. The latter is usually so special that we mill the CNC according to the wishes of the customer.

 Thanks to our experience and craftsmanship, we can make almost any mould, as you can see in our reference projects. Most moulds are transported to the customer through their own transport.

The most common applications for our moulds are:

Utility construction

  • Stairways
  • Gallery and balcony plates
  • Columns and beams

Infrastructure/City furniture:

  • Surrounding elements and platform plates
  • Soundproof walls and slope boards
  • Bridge pillars/beams
  • Works of art