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Palmen Timmerfabriek has been a specialist in carpentry for more than 200 years, including the production of customised frames and wooden moulds for the prefab concrete industry.

After all these years, we have grown from a sole proprietorship into a modern carpentry factory with a dozen employees, where machine-driven carpentry is produced under high quality requirements. We strive for lasting relationships with our customers and clients and attach great importance to service.

Customisation of frames, doors and stairs is one of our specialties. We manufacture all of these products for new construction, renovation and restoration of houses and government buildings. Our clients include individuals as well as contractors. In addition, we have also built up a solid reputation in the production of wooden moulds for the prefab concrete industry, ranging from stairs, balcony plates to bridge components and noise barriers.

As a placement/apprenticeship company, we have been offering young people the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace for many years now. We try to motivate them and give them a sense of pride in the things they make. These interns also regularly flow through to full-time employment within our company and grow into full-fledged professionals.

After more than 200 years our reputation is still intact and going strong in the carpentry industry and we are determined to keep it that way. “Nomen est omen” … With our surname we are destined to continue working in carpentry. Moreover, the Latin name for the palm tree, Buxus Sempervirens, means “always green” but we prefer to translate this freely into “always growing!”. The seventh generation is ready to meet all of your demands for high-quality timber framing!

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